Embarking on a Journey of Growth, Learning, and Openness: My Outreachy Internship.

Embarking on a Journey of Growth, Learning, and Openness: My Outreachy Internship.

Hello, world! I am super thrilled to share some exciting news. I have embarked on a new chapter of my career journey as an Outreachy intern. I am Carla Ejemeh Inya-Agha, a Mobile Application Developer and Technical Writer. As a Flutter Mobile Developer, I thrive on creating seamless and visually captivating user experiences, embracing Flutter's ‘write once, run anywhere’ philosophy.

Simultaneously, my role as a Technical Writer allows me to bridge the gap between complex technological concepts and a broader audience, thereby fostering understanding. The synergy between these roles enhances my ability to contribute meaningfully to both fields, ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving and knowledge dissemination.

Join me as I share a short story on my journey into open source and the three core values of Outreachy that resonate deeply within me; Growth and Determination, Learning and Knowledge, Openness and Reputation.

My Journey into the Realm of Open Source:

Outreachy is a non-profit organization that provides paid, remote internships to open-source software (OSS) projects for people from underrepresented groups in tech. Embarking on my open-source journey was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, especially during the pivotal contribution stage of the Outreachy Open-source Internship application process. Initially, I hesitated due to the uncertainties associated with this new territory, but with Agien Petra as my mentor I was provided with guidance which eased my anxiety.

The initial steps were self-introduction, forking the Mboacare repository, and running a test on the Mboacare Mobile App. Through this, we meticulously assessed both the functional and non-functional facets of the application. Soon after, the mentor created issues for this repo on GitHub, setting the stage for contributors to select tasks to tackle.

Choosing an issue marked the beginning of my active involvement, and with each pull request and subsequent code review, my journey unfolded. The one-month duration of the contribution stage became a crucible for my learning, where every interaction with the codebase was a steppingstone toward mastery.

I was determined to succeed, so I gave everything I had to each task, making sure that my effort demonstrated my commitment and growing skills. In addition to improving my technical abilities, the experience promoted collaboration and a sense of community. As the month concluded, my initial hesitations transformed into a profound sense of accomplishment, setting the tone for a rewarding open-source journey ahead.

Core Values I resonate with.

Growth and Determination;

My goals and Outreachy's dedication to encouraging both professional and personal growth are a perfect match. I am excited to take on new challenges as an intern, grow from my experiences, and never stop learning. Interns like me are empowered to push boundaries, take on ambitious projects, and actively contribute to open-source communities through Outreachy's culture of growth and determination. I think that going outside of one's comfort zone is the path to true progress, and Outreachy gives me the perfect setting to achieve just that.

Learning and Knowledge.

I find Outreachy's emphasis on lifelong learning and information sharing appealing because I consider myself to be a lifelong learner. I'm eager to fully immerse myself in the dynamic ecosystem of the open-source world, which offers a large ocean of possibilities. Outreachy provides an exclusive forum for intellectual inquiry, whether it is via delving into cutting-edge technological exploration or working with knowledgeable mentors. This internship will help me appreciate the collaborative aspect of open-source software while also helping me hone my technical skills.

Openness and Reputation.

At the heart of Outreachy's principles is openness, which fosters an inclusive atmosphere where a variety of opinions are not only heard but also honored. I really connect with this since I think collaboration/teamwork is powerful and adds so much depth to projects. Outreachy's outstanding reputation in the open-source world is a result of its commitment to transparency and ethics. Being a member of an organization that prioritizes moral behavior, responsibility, and establishing a solid reputation in the tech industry is an honor.

My Motivation for Applying into Outreachy.

My motivation for applying to Outreachy is deeply rooted in the desire for inclusive and diverse contributions to open source. My beliefs are aligned with Outreachy's objective, which is to foster diversity, integrity, respect, and justice in the tech industry by giving interns like me a platform to actively contribute to open-source projects. I'm looking forward to this enriching experience and everything that it has to offer—learning, growth, collaboration, and positivity.

I am grateful and excited to be on this journey with my Mentor Agien Petra. Her warmth and infectious enthusiasm has been inspirational and instrumental throughout my open-source journey.


My Outreachy internship is not just a professional milestone but a journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and contribution to the greater good. I am excited about the challenges ahead, the skills I will acquire, and the connections I will make. Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I look forward to sharing my growth with you as I navigate the world of Outreachy.

Happy coding!

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